FLAMEOVEN was designed to be small enough to carry around on your trips and big enough to cook real restaurant size pizzas 30cm / 12in..

The feet fold away and the chimney can be taken off and placed inside the oven.

You can place your oven on a table in your outdoor space, whether your backyard, garden, terrasse or balcony.

It is 52cm deep, 40cm wide and 15.5cm tall without chimney and feet folded away. With unfolded feet and chimney installed total height is 72cm 20.5inch deep x 15.75inch wide x 6.1inch tall, 28.35inch with feet unfolded and chimney on.

Flameoven comes with everything you need to get cooking and will take you no time to get ready and assemble:

1. Main oven body.

2. Chimney.

3. Front door.

4. Fuel hatch door for access to the fuel box where wood is placed.

5. Fuel box: placed inside, at the back of the oven. It is where you will place the wood.

6. Thick pizza cordierite stone for even cooking and great heat retention 33.5cm x 33.5cm x 1.5cm 13inch x 13inch x 0.59inch.

7. Pizza peel to launch, turn and take food out of the oven.

8. Instruction & safety manual.

About 20 to 30 minutes to heat up to over 400C / 673F at the center of the stone.

You can start cooking pizza when temperatures reach over 350C / 662F at the center of the stone. That is good if you have a thicker dough and a lot of toppings so it leaves enough time to cook throughout without burning the top.

If you want to cook Neapolitan style pizza in under 2 minutes you will need over 450C / 842F. Your FLAMEOVEN can reach these temperatures.

Whatever the temperature, just like in restaurant wood ovens, remember to turn the pizza 3 or 4 times for an even bake.

It is easy and most importantly really fun! There is something special and mesmerizing about cooking with a live flame.

Make sure you have kiln dry wood from your local supplier. Ideal cut is 15 to 20cm long and less than 5cm thick. Also have some fire starters to easily get the oven going.

Put a few fire starters in the center of the fuel basket with a couple of logs and let the fire take.

Like a charcoal barbecue, give it some time to take and add logs gradually and slowly to keep the flame going. Add more or less wood depending on the temperatures you are seeking.

There are many different pizza recipes out there. I like to keep things as simple and straight forward possible and follow the traditional Neapolitan recipe that requires only use 4 ingredients: flour water salt yeast.t.

To makes 6 thin-crust 12 inch 30cm pizzas youll need:ed:

- 1000g of flour try to use 00 Flour which is very fine with high gluten content) 

- 650g of water 65 hydrationon)

- 2.5 to 3 of the flour of salt, in this case 25g to 30g 30g

- 0.5 of the flour of instant dry instant yeast IDY, in this case 5g. 5g.

Steps ... prepare in the morning for evening bake. Start to finish about 8 hours.

(1 Put the flour in a big bowl. Mix in the salt and dry yeast. Pour in the water a little tepid, not hot.t).

Mix it all with a big spoon until the flour has absorbed the water and you cannot stir anymore. Then transfer the mix on a clean workbench and work it for about 10 min. It is ready when your hands are clean, table is clean and the dough ball keeps a nice round shape. It feels right and bounces slowly back when poked.

(2 Put the dough back in the bowl and cover it up with cling film. Wait for about 1 to 2 hours to prove at room temp - it will at least double.

(3 Make 6 equal balls about 265g each. Put them in separate small bowls or a large tray, slightly floured. Cover them up again with cling film and let rest for about 6 hours.s.

(4 You are ready to make your pizzas..

The humidity and heat of where you are will impact the dough. High humidity will require less water and high temperatures will make the dough rise faster.

The key with making dough is experimentation and personal preference. With practice you will find your sweet spot. Once you got the basics right you can experiment around this traditional recipe and try out long cold fermentations, higher or lower hydrations and adding other ingredients.

Happy prepping.

Nous n'avons pas intégré un thermomètre sur le FlameOven car ces thermomètres ne donnent pas une mesure precise et, à cause des très hautes températures, cassent très facilement.

A la place nous conseillons l'utilisation d'un thermomètre Infrarouge sans contact. Ceux-ci peuvent se trouver facilement et donnent une lecture précise.

Avec un peu de pratique, vous saurez lorsque votre four est à la bonne température.

Laissez le temps à votre four de bien prendre et ajoutez du bois de facon régulière pour toujours avoir une flamme bien vive avant d'enfourner votre pizza.